MPS and team showed Chinese delegation workings of custody suites and spoke about protections for detainees, with regard to healthcare and rights. Delegation included senior police, legal academics and lay persons.  Planning to start 14th Edition of Simpson’s Forensic Medicine.  Three court attendances cancelled on day before when evidence agreed, or defendant pleaded at late stage. An increasing problem.  Duties as Met FME, hooked up on Twitter with some old MPS colleagues, and then saw one the following day. Use of Force FOI study and Incapacitant Spray studies accepted for publication in Forensic Science, Medicine and Pathology. Review of knife and broken crockery used in alleged s18 GBH/attempt murder. Possibly giving evidence on incapacitant sprays at Committee on Toxicology. One hour background briefing to producer of BBC Radio 4 documentary on Taser (due to be broadcast on September 19th).  Meetings with HSE regarding custody healthcare.  Three monthly FME Audit meeting – topics include, safety of medicines, mental health referrals, confidentiality and research. Big concern over problems of identifying Responsible Officers, Suitable Persons and designated bodies by forensic physicians.  Large number of court cases, the summer recess apparently being over.  General over-commitment and stresses!