Co-writing chapter ‘Court Skills’ with James Bloomer for Forensic Gynaecology.  Started ‘Clinical Assessment and Documentation of Detainees’ for Monitoring Detention. Meeting with James Bloomer of Goldsmiths Chambers. Meeting with Jonathan Fingerhut of Strategic Marketing for Schools. Meeting with Rebus. Meeting with Reprieve, with Maya Foa and others, including Clive Stafford Smith. Addressed additional issues for long and complex inquest.  Due to meet with two MSc students to review dissertation plans. Lecturing to Public and Primary Healthcare meeting at Birmingham NEC, on ‘Healthcare of Detainees in Police Custody’. Preparing poster for 7th Non-Lethal Weapons Symposium in Ettlingen. Meeting with Tim Girvan concerning new design and expanded range of Forensigraph. Attended MoJ consultation on PCT, QASA and legal aid changes. Unbelievable how appalling civil servants responses were. A disaster waiting to happen.