As there is too much to fit in.  Due to attend Warwick CC on Tuesday but Judge was ill.  Two days trying to re-arrange case.  Bristol CC sexual assault case pleaded after 9 months on day before due to give evidence.  Conference related to a complaint against police. On call as FME for MPS.  Completion of update Level 3 Safeguarding training via e-Learning for Healthcare (also completion of 139 Medical Examiner modules).  Travel to Liverpool for a drink drive fail to provide appeal.  Determination on day to abandon. VT link with Birmingham CC to deal with case from Tuesday – never ideal way of giving evidence, particularly when trying to illustrate knife injuries. Court staff on strike after 1pm so left to my own devices once oath sworn and ~ 1 hour evidence.  Back South for 50th birthday party and get together of mainly sailing mates.  That’s enough for 4 days thank you.